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Video tips and lessons

How to create your event in
Creating an event program
Send messages to event attendees

Introductory webinars and presentations

Mobile app for your event: how to “pump” your event

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How to earn more on a mobile event app

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NCO App: 9 Ways to Make Sponsor Happy

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Contact a specialist


We are working not only to improve the service, but also to train professionals who help event organizers use all the functionality of our product.
If your event needs special attention – contact the specialists who have passed our certification or train your own employee.


Help us to make our service better: ask our technical support a question that could not be found – our specialists will not only respond quickly to you, but will also finalize the materials of the Support Center, so that no one else and never run into your problem!

Write to Support

Report a violation of rights
If you believe that a user MULTIEVENT.ONLINE violates your rights, send us a message via the form

How to contact support
To consult on the functions of the service, use the feedback form in your personal account or write to support.en@multievent.online

For accountancy
Get closing documents or confirmation of payment – write to docs.ru@multievent.online